1k SP Reached and Travelling around the Philippines?

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I Reached 1K SP!

Its been a long journey without the help of the whales (but thanks to @bistonic for his love and support, thank you sire!) and other “country/city communities”. Its about 5 months not using the #curation-trail of steemph.cebu (because it sucked so bad). Also the delegation from @ned to @surpassinggoogle, which is already gone for about 4-5 months I think?

In case you don’t know, I already set my goals about 10 months ago. Here are the links.



The personal challenge was a post for me to know how many months I have been working and posting content in the steem blockchain, knowing that ‘blockchain’ in the ‘steem’ platform is permanent in the past few months (now its editable by the way).

I didn’t also expect that I reached already over 100SP. I was expecting like 100-200 or so, but then again atleast the steem went so low, and because of steem’s inflation because of the printouts and the steem fees for witnesses, I was able to get over I think a total of 2,000 steem. The others were sold because of groceries and personal fees.

Anyways, now that I reached this goal, how about setting up a new goal right?

New Goal?

Now let us set up a new goal, a new goal and a new roadmap for this year. But why should we set up a new goal? The answer is – I literally dont know. Maybe its just some kind of culture or tradition every year made by humans to create a goals and fulfill that quest of yours. Where in fact goals play really an important part of your life, let us say “Be Visionary”.

A lot of people dont know, and how to set up a new goal after reaching a goal. If your goal is to be a Billionaire, what would be your next quest in life after reaching this quest? I bet you dont know or maybe you dont care at all. You will just think about something new, and that is exactly what goals are supposed to be.

My new Goal?

Oh, Im so glad you asked. My goals are here.

Since I believe, I maybe still cant buy another new camera and peripherals this year, because of the steem price. Lets see what I may able to achieve this year

  • 3k to 5k SteemPower atleast
  • Intermediate Pianist
  • To Graduate
  • Travel Bohol (again)
  • Travel Bantayan (again)
  • Travel Baguio (1st time, would be cool)
  • Review Hunter at SteemHunt


Oh yeah! Havent you heard?! SteemHunt will be releasing @reviewhunt after the next couple of months after the release of SMTs, Which by the way. Hunt Tokens will be listed in 3-4 crypto-exchanges. That means, another bullish run in steem. Would it be a great opportunity to buy steem? (Ill buy if it reaches around $0.05 or so :P)

Playing Piano??

I was thinking about playing piano. I have been dreaming of playing a piano and reading notes since I was a kid. Unfortunately we don’t have enough money to buy a new Piano and stuff, but now ‘we’ have a budget for that, and I am also all fired up to play this bad boy. (We will be buying maybe next week, or a couple of days).

Graduate and Others?

I was thinking about travelling those 3 letter B’s in the Philippines. Also to graduate this October of 2019, well – hopefully! Im excited to kick some butt this year tho.

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