Planning on Investing?

Credits to WordPress random search photos, which I literally dont know where these photos come from. Investment First of all, what is an Investment? An investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed…

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Join dApp Communities!

Photo is already Stored in my WordPress blog, which I dont know where to credit this PS: This post is non-pro, and I advise you to read with respect. Allow me to rant! Join dApp Communities! Why? I have seen and I have been a lot of communities, especially our community which is steemph. They…

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Merry Christmas from @miriklir’s Family

Merry Christmas from @miriklir’s Family! Camera Settings CAMERA MODEL Canon 700D LENS 18-55mm Kit Lens ISO 1600 SHUTTER 1/200 APERTURE 3.5 FLASH Yes Support & Visit my Official Website ChuckUnlimited

Merry Christmas from @miriklir

Its me @miriklir! Merry Christmas Steemians, I hope you guys have a wonderfull bullish year – next year! (Im planning to fuse my post together with my boyfriend, because he seems to be a little bit busy. I might get a few topics about photography also! Best Regards! – @miriklir

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas From BS-Computer Engineering Family, Batch 2014-2019! Shot from EOS 700D

Dear Hunters!

Dear Hunters, Hi. We have seen a lot of berniesanders spam that greets us every time we hunt. Unforutunately it does not help the SteemHunt community, and I realized that we should be thumbing down useless comments. You are responsible of your post, you should be thumbingdown useless comments. Also this isn’t just about berniesanders…

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Your type of Social-shares?

What and How do you share Hunts on Social Media? It’s been a long day, and long month since I shared and contribute to SteemHunt. Allow me to share what kind of shares I made to gain hunt tokens and to promote SteemHunt. Recently, SteemHunt Social shares has been a trend from SteemHunt. Not only…

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Day 5 (12-11-18) SFDASS

SMART FIRE DETECTOR AND SPRINKLER SYSTEM Tasks and Accomplishments Date: 12/11/18 (Tuesday) Task: Run some Tests for Rasp Pi and other Modules Accomplishments: Consistency testing of fire & smoke detection in image processing Tried other algorithms for fire detection Testing of module when connected to the image processing in raspberry pi. Evidence: Proponents: Balibad, Reymart…

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Day 4 (12-4-18) SFDASS

SMART FIRE DETECTOR AND SPRINKLER SYSTEM Tasks and Accomplishments Date: 12/4/18 (Friday) Task: – Solve and Fix the problems from the system – Debug the codes from the Arduino – Fix the connections Accomplishments: – Connected the pump via relay for the sprinkler to the arduino – Testing of the modules simultaneously – Debugging the…

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Day 3 (11-29-18) SFDASS

SMART FIRE DETECTOR AND SPRINKLER SYSTEM Tasks and Accomplishments Date: 11/29/18 (Thursday) Task: Start hard coding Buy necessary materials – the water pump and other modules, Arduino, gps modules. Connect the modulator, gsm and gps module to the arduino. Accomplishments: Started the hard coding for fire detection using image processing. So far it can now…

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