Achieved the 2K SteemPower!

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2K SteemPower + 1k from @bistonic

Thanks from the wonderful and amazing whale who has been support me personally for almost a year now. His name is @bistonic, If I remember clearly I helped him alot on how to delegate from dApps and etc, I also remembered how we made awesome conversations about trading crypto but I couldn’t relate trading from his own stock market.

My Personal Challenge

My personal challenge was a tough one, I even included bot infos (how stupid of me).

1k SP Reached!

and then so my goals follows up, and I didnt realize its already June which means its already the 6th month of the year (mid year) perhaps. Wow, time flies so fast huh?

  • 3k to 5k SteemPower atleast (Still at 2k, but +3k from @bistonic)
  • Intermediate Pianist (Still struggling as a beginner)
  • To Graduate (80% this October)
  • Travel Bohol (This is not happening, instead its going to be Camotes)
  • Travel Bantayan (Not happening)
  • Travel Baguio (Slight chance)
  • Review Hunter at SteemHunt (Waiting for Hunt tokens to be priced at 0.04 USD or 0.08)

Why create your own Goals?

The best mindset and what motivates you the most is to create a goal, then after achieving these goals is to create another goals in life. Do not just settle and focus on a single goal. Invest your time on something you love, even this thing would not make your rich. You just dont know how your skills will make you a millionaire someday. (dreaming to become a millionaire is not my goal anyways), newbies ask me today on why I got this amount of Power, here is your answer.

Its never been too late to get this amount of SteemPower 😛 , if you know how the steem blockchain works, if you also read alot of articles then you will succeed. If you also want to abuse the system, you cant escape the blockchain because you can never lie from the blockchain.

Im calling these guys @tphn, @venice24, @lequiry and @venzam to have your own goals in life, dont settle for SteemHunt and DrugWars HAHAHA. Utopian is waiting for you.

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