Another Beautiful Day!

Shot for an iPhone 7s Plus

Hey Guys! Wow, what a busy week it is. Still crushing the Final exams this week, we all are hoping that we will eventually pass this summer semester. Its a super fast semester, in a duration of 2 months, but it is not actually 2 months. It is approx 5 weeks, we leared so much from our failures and mistakes because time is so fast these months. Even for the crypto market, it is so FAST! I mean, we all know the price is logarithmic 🙂

So this photo is still shot from an iPhone 7s Plus in portrait mode, not a surpirse – iPhone 7s Plus is has still a better camera quality than the other mid range priced smartphones. 2nd hand and other 7s Plus iPhone are almost the same price as the mid ranged phones dated today, it has even worst cameras and no portrait mode and also not a water proof smartphone. The disadvantage from this smartphone are the batteries and it consumes a lot of energy while using the Adobe Lightroom CC.

That is right, I am using Adobe LightRoom CC on my GF’s smartphone. (Because I really dont have a good rear camera, plus my phone is so laggy that I could not even play games, RIP J7 Prime)

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Camera Settings

CAMERA MODEL iPhone 7s Plus
LENS iPhone 7s Plus

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