April Fools Day!


Its Never Been Late!

Its never been late for me to Post about it! Anyways, it seems that April Fools trend has not been that active. Not really, unlike the past years. Maybe because of the Avengers New Trailer, or maybe because of the bullish run of BTC and all altcoins. Is this the real deal for the crypto market or the whales are just trying to play mind games against these traders and investors. What more could we lose?

Back to the TOPIC! So yeah, April Fools Pranks seems to be silent in my social media feed. Nothing much to view from a toxic widespread community here in the Philippines, talking about Politics and so on. The funny thing is – it was April 1 when these posts showed up even my feed is about Avengers and super hero movies, it turns out that these Politics and running for office/candidates are already a joke lol.

The BitCoin Joke

Yes, I already mentioned above that BITCOIN has been rising and already breaking the $4900 Resistance. What my colleagues says that this is a reversal from the dump last year April. What Im seeing is that there are a lot of coins now, and there has been also a lot of development of decentralized applications from different blockchains like EOS and ETH. One of the contenders of building a lot of decentralized apps are Steem and TRX in my own opinion.

In your own view, is this still a bitcoin joke? Or this is already a sign of bitcoin reaching the goal $100k? Because there has been a lot of development after the dumping of bitcoin last year, maybe they purposely dumped it to get more fiat resources to build something right? What do you guys think about this? Im not a trader by the way, nor an investor. Just call me a guy who works with the blockchain, somewhat like that. 😉

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