Arguments that are Invalid


Your Statement is Invalid

First of all, what is an Argument – In logic and philosophy, an argument is a series of statements, called the premises or premisses, intended to determine the degree of truth of another statement, the conclusion (Wikipedia) .

Other meaning – An argument is a statement or set of statements that you use in order to try to convince people that your opinion about something is correct. Another Dictionary

I think the 2nd is much more likely to fit in this discussion.

Argument vs. Debate

We already know the difference between the two. But let us focus to an Argument. When we argue with a person it turns out that these guys would possibly attack you with his/her aggresive behaviour such as passive aggresion, which would also be these statements are useless and not healthy for an argument. Let us say, these statements doesnt involve with the topic.

Lets have an Example: A topic about legalizing Marijuana.

A Guy: Marijuana is just a leaf

B Guy: Oh really?

A Guy: Obviously because you havent tried it.

Statement from the Guy B, is non relative and now the Guy A replies with an aggresive statement then this argument would be useless and it turns out it will become a loop of aggresive arguments – but I do prefer an Ordinary healthy conversation and debate, also id Prefer a discussion from our own words came out from our tongues not in chats and tweets. Another example of an Argument

A Guy: The bad thing about your Discussion it is because you are comparing both programs which is not good. Comparing the differences between college degrees is bad. All college degrees are hard, its not just you who are suffering from all the pressure.

B Guy: No, I think you are wrong. We suffered more than you do, we deserve more than you do.

A Guy: My point is, it is not good to compare your degree to other courses. Everyone deserves to get rewarded.

B Guy: Maybe, just to Fix your EGO.

Now this, its pretty obvious that the B Guy has a Personality problems. Attacking someone in terms of his attitude is what we called Ad Hominem

Ad Hominem read it here for more information about Ad Hominem Situations. I wont be copy-pasting the content. But I will copy paste only the meaning and also stating the source.

Ad hominem remarks are often an example of fallacy, because they are irrelevant to the overall argument – CC

You see, there are also types of Ad Hominem. But we wouldnt be digging into that deep. So, in Everday Life for an Ad Hominem Situation is from this Source

Using someone’s education level as a means to exploit and degrade the opposer’s argument.

Its pretty obvious from this meaning…

Stating that one’s age precludes him from being able to make an intelligent or meaningful argument.

Comparing the age of one person, because the other person has an age gap. Therefore both parties sees that this Party has some much more experience than the other Party.

Using gender as a means to devalue an argument from an opposing gender

Because we only have two genders. To be a Woman or Man doesnt mean that you will be degrading the opposite Sex because you may able to do this or do that.

Stating that the ethnicity of the opposing individual keeps him from formulating a valuable opinion.

You see, its not just about the ethnicity but also the culture and the community that surrounded by that party.

Relying on socioeconomic status as a means to undermine an opposing individual’s opinion.

To be rich or to be poor should not be accredited from an arguement, it should be related to the topic that is not also connected from who you are, where you are, and why you are here.

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The point is, we face a lot of Arguments. But all of those arguments are useless, and you cannot fix an argument if we dont listen to each other. I think the main reason for posting this here it is because, Filipinos are somewhat we call “Keyboard Warriors” they comment negatively in some topics and discussions about this and that, seeing those comments are so toxic because their replied are NOT-RELATED to the topic. Its a Chaos.

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