Bringing Up the Show: The Office


The Office!

9 Seasons, 8 Years. Unfortunately I couldn’t count those Episodes. But hey Ive been watching their short video clips and funny compilations at Youtube. They are the best actors that could act like as a normal person or ordinary person. Which is pretty interesting because some dont even wear make ups, just their funny moments because of their normal attire and their weirdness.

Its funny because we are able to relate their personality as our own, because there is no drama, or comedy, its like a reality show inside the Office. Interestingly their faces also looks ordinary, they dont feel like an awesome artist, but I do know that they have an awesome acting skills.

Check this lol..

The video is pretty funny, its about Kelly’s Birthday, I still even dont know if there is an E on a Kelly’s name? I dont know lol, I just laughed so hard in this show.

Watch It Here — Short Funny Clips

More to My Blog Soon!

Im currently Preparing for an Awesome blog post soon, with photography skills and etc. Prepare its already Summer! Its time to Post BEACHES and SWIMMING POOLS!

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