Busy day with Cisco Networking Academy : Introduction to Cybersecurity

Hi everyone, what a busy day indeed. As a requirement from our instructor to take at least 2 self-paced courses, I was able to learn more about Cybersecurity threats and etc. Which by the way the course is available here Some are free, some needed an invite from the Online Academy.

Almost 5-10 hours reading ang taking quizzes and exams self-paced, I was able to take the exam and also pass the exam, it is easy if you really want to learn more about the topic. I cannot answer some because my memory is not that awesome.

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Was all about the threats, the anomalies, the requirements of a secured network, all kinds of attacks like DDoS(denial of service), Zombie, Seo Poisoining and other malicious threats. I had fun reading 1-5 Chapters of the course, 5 Quizzes and 1 Final exam. I am not that confident enough to show off my skills and my talent, I still have to learn more about javascript, ionic, ruby and most especially the blockchain.

Now because of the basic Introduction of Security and basic threats, I have come into a conclusion that blockchain would be the best solution for encryption, unlike other websites that has some password and all sorts, blockchain provides decentralization not a centralized system where the hack success percentage is higher than blockchain.

Anyways, Ill have to continue the 2nd course requirement for our semester. I will let you guys know after the course called #Entrepreneurship see ya all at SteemHunt and SteemPress discord servers.

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