Goodbye Community

Hi @everyone

Considering the purpose of Steemph.cebu delegation vision is to vote users who has been delegating to get higher amount of returns. Now there are “Users” who has been undelegating power but using the vote for their own benefit. Which means it is a failure, I watch SteemPh.cebu votes via steemd and steemworld. I kept my voice low and now its the time to shot some fire.

Everyone is now encouraged to Undelegate and Unfollow the trail since the purpose doesnt fit the Agenda a few months ago.

Please also consider that this would be my last serving this “Community”. If you have any questions, dont afraid to leave a direct message. Dont be like other users who is very active in the steem blockchain but doesnt even leave you a message. :joy:

Goodbye, SteemphCebu thanks for everything, steem isnt just a blogging platform. It should be built for businesses and amazing indieprenuers.

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