Calling New Players in the Steem Blockchain


Giving More Opportunities

Hey, @chuuuckie here – back with another Blog at Its been awhile since I posted. Its really a tiring day actually, had a break for a day on posting at my blog. But lets get into it.

The initiative will be called the GeekNest Project, which we will have a studio for ReviewHunt and other Blockchain related topics and most especially to create more content in the Steem Blockchain. I think a great investment for content creators is to buy resources like a new camera and etc.

New onboarding baby users are also needed in this initiative, without a community to grow. There will be no products to share, there will be no one to work in the Steem Ecosystem. This is why I decided to support some of them by lending a big amount of SteemPower. Thanks to some orcas and dolphins who lovely supported me for about a year now.

Other Choice

The GeekNest studio will further be delayed because we have some other plans to do. While waiting and gathering more Hunt Tokens and other SMT related tokens, I decided to help myself first by buying those resources and also lending promising colleagues to contribute in the Platform. Building an awesome decentralized hub/studio that no-one is managing. They will just have to pay the electricity bills and etc.

We will also be buying SteemPower to curate content and planning to collaborate with the SteemPress admins. (We havent talked about this yet with the Admins of SteemPress) We will be deciding on how we will be able to manage all of this after buying 10k+ SteemPower from our own Capital Investment.

If these topics may sound confusing to you – Dont worry, I will be announcing the RoadMap of activities for ReviewHunt

Supported Users & Cebu-Philippines most Active Users

@venzam – Supported for 3 Months, delegated 250 – 300 SP, he has been doing great since then. He is working hard as an Influencer at SteemHunt in this term. He already loves playing SteemMonsters and MagicDice.

@lequiry – Supporting for about a Month now, delegated from 200 SP to 100. Doing quite well, he loves playing drugwars.

@venice24 – Registered a Year ago, but was inactive. Promising that he will be active in the next few months, giving him 100 SP to perform many task like playing drugwars.

@tphn – Registered just this Week, delegated 100 SP already after registration. @venzam and I sponsored almost 10 steem to promote his Introduction Post.

@gecaintristan – A Year Ago, he will return if the Price of steem will be at $4 above. Will be giving him delegation right after he returns.

@truthsfinder – Active User, but I am not willingly to support this user because he has already a proper Job. He earns more at his job than creating Steem Content.

@sonrhey – Active User, I did not personally met this guy yet. Therefore I cannot support this user.

@loydjayme25 – Active User, Not supporting this user same as truthsfinder for the reason.

@panduh – Inactive, will let me know if he will be posting something at the steem blockchain. So far hes not doing so good at all 😛 .

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