Captain Marvel not so Awesome Movie?!


Before reading this blog, this thread or everything in this content, please be advised that there will be spoilers!, Stay away from this post, you may even downvote it lol

An Okay Movie?

With infinity war wrapping up all the conclusions from Thanos’ snap, fans are raged and expecting a new outcome of an old story from the Captain Marvel. Like the graphics, and all of the plot twist. But that doesnt stop there, Marvel Comics just had a few mistakes from the addition of the stories on why Fury had an eyepatch.

Mar-Vell is a Woman!

Yes, you read it right. In this story, Mar-Vell isnt a bulky man with muscles. Mar-Vell is researcher from another Planet, I cant even spell it out the Planet its called “Hala” something like that.

Skrulls are not the Bad guys

What a Plot twist, I dont want to go full story. But the skrulls doesnt have a home, and they are searching for a home to stay, they are hungry and they needed a place to stay. The Skrulls needed Mar-Vell’s lab, thats also in association with the PEGASUS Project.

Goose the Cat

The cat was the reason why Fury had an eyepatch, the alien cat scratched Fury’s eye during the event, he told afterwards being scratched – “Aw, no no its okay. Its just a Scratch” looking back from the old episode days he told I think Captain America – “Last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye” who was that someone? The Cat?

Anyways I dont want to spoil to much and Discuss to much about Captain Marvel, but its a Fun movie and great for Women because this is the First Heroine Movie. Also I would like to rate this movie 6/10, I had a lot of expectations. But maybe our standards are high enough just like the standards we saw the movie Infinity War. I think Ill be Vlogging End Game next month, and share it to you guys. See you in the Next Blogs!

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