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Committed to the End

New dApps, has been rising for about a year now. Like SteemMonsters, SteemHunt, Drugwars and more! This is just a few dapps that is somewhat make sense on how a Social Media Blockchain works, and also by any means of a Bussiness type. Now because I will personally finish my degree this coming October, there will be a few things I would like to introduce before I Officially announce it publicly.

GeekNest x SteemHunt

It is simply a Decentralized Community Studio Hub, where users/steemians would be able to visit the hub for free. What do I mean a decentralized community? – There will be no boss, no strings attached and other, its open for everyon who is willing to give ideas, and give a valuable content in the steem blockchain, for now we will be focusing on SteemHunt and Dtube. We already have a solid plan and roadmap for this Community Hub. Although it will change without further notice.

SteemPumping = Rewarding Good Authors = More Resources to Build

I believe when steem is rising, there will be a lot of improvement such as buying some new equipments for your blogs, buying necessary peripherals for your computer so you may contribute and perform well in the steem blockchain. Or maybe other reasons that could benefit you and the steem ecosystem.

I guess that would be all for today, check out our account we just created @geeknest . Yes, it is “we” with a solid team and a solid vision and mission, well reach that far soon enough. SOON. See ya later!

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