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Since this is a Blogging platoform, I want to share my friendships stories and what we did yesterday. First of all Congratulations to our newly engaged partners @gecaintristan and Guiula.

Yesterday was amazing, I think we should call it yesterdate. Although others were not available especially @simplethon, @calvinweigel’s partner ‘MG’, and Kenn. We still had our wonderful bondings as an ordinary person, we eat, talk and give some open minded topics if you know what I mean. We are so open that our topics could not be understood by a normal human being. We laugh and we enjoyed the night we had, it all happened right after Tristan and I had a haircut.

It was tiring at almost end of the night, I had to sleep early and ‘influence’ some hunted products because it is almost 11pm (8GMT) but I had my own technique on upvoting hunts. I used my phone but I only commented about their hunts, not on they how to hunt interestingly. So far so good.

I guess they are the best squad I met, highschool squad is still the best. I am also happy that my girlfriend is able to make friends with my highschool friends. I am also happy for them that they will almost achieve the goal they really wanted.

I hope that there will still be a next date.

Try to use @automation for fun, and also cheer up by commenting !popcorn

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