DLive Migrating to another Blockchain

Farewell DLive

@misterdelegation / Steem INC has undelegated their steem power to DLive. Dlive will now be migrating to LINO blockchain. I dont know what was the reason of their migration, but it is most likely a selfish decision to migrate knowing that HF20 is 4 days ahead from now.

But I have no regrets since I only uploaded 4 videos in total, and was not curated by dlive, my last broadcast had 40+ views, and it was not upvoted by Dlive. Yet Dlive stated that they want users to be rewarded, really? I played League of Legends and was hoping for a reward from Dlive. But they never did. (Maybe because they have their own Posting Guidelines or the Quality of the Video)

I cant complain because I was just trying to test their platform, which that was fun, and I had fun. So what now? Will the Steem Blockchain might get affected by it, because most Steemians would be much more likely to transfer from Steem to Lino. I think half of the DLive users. Good bye DLive, the delegation from Steem INC will be used to other dApps that is most likely to stay and reward more users.

What dApp deserves a delegation from Steem INC? Lets discuss!

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