Easily butthurt people

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Watch this video, before we reflect.

Easily butthurt People

Dont get me wrong on this one. But people dont get jokes around in the internet are stupid. PS: its better if you stay out of the internet for a while and unwind, because if you dont get a sarcastic joke. Then the internet is not for you. Lets just say that you are too being serious around.


A big sigh * for the guys who really are easily butthurt like the video above. I usually understand people who misunderstands me, I think everyone I know – but we built friendships and relationships they started to understand who I am, or who I really am – as a person who has been sarcastically offending someone without a purpose or unintentionally.

ButthurtPeople – People who are easily offended and react in an overly dramatic fashion usually starting with the word “WOW.” – https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Butthurt%20People

Feeling Pro and got Hurt?

Because you know something about it more than that guy, it doesnt mean you are 101% correct at all time. This is world is so wide, that you can even think the world could be flat or a donut shaped, who knows what NASA hid from us . Personally saying, just Chill the F out. Humanity shouldnt be against with humanity, we fight for our own ideals not the person. Which is therefore some of those guys has some stupid ideals and visions. Who would be that those guys specifically? Ill get back to you after January. Cheers!

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