Encouraging Users to Post at eSteem


The eSteem App Influence

Hey everyone. Its been a long day ahead, I have been using eSteem for a Month now and its so awesome to share our daily status in the Steem blockchain.

eSteem Encouragement Program

From the word encouragement itself. It means your post are valuable, every time you use the eSteem app from any Operating System you use, iOS, android, Windows, MAC or even at Linux. IMO If steem blockchain is a social platform then why not share daily status and events that you are having with, right?

Users that are Influenced to Use the eSteem App

Since I have been a Guest Curator for 2 weeks and manually curating these users to encourage them and to help them grow by blogging. The following users are encouraged to use the app and post it as their daily status. Not that I am forcing them to post, but encouraging them.

  • @josephace135 (Professional Engineer, a busy guy)
  • @jbeugna04 (Graphics Designer, just had a comeback this week)
  • @tphn (Newbie)
  • @venzam (Newbie at eSteem)
  • @themanualbot (Professional Engineer, also a busy guy)
  • @venice24 (Newbie)
  • @baa.steemit (Also a real Blogger, had a comeback a few weeks ago)
  • @carlitojoshua (Real Blogger, he had a comeback yesterday)
  • @loydjayme25 (Professional Engineer also a busy guy)
  • @lequiry (Newbie)
  • @truthsfinder (Professional IT, a busy guy)
  • @aamirijaz (SteemMonsters and Flower Photography from his Farm )
  • @calprut (eSteem Posts? post dude)
  • @gecaintristan (I think this one has having difficulty installing in iOs version)

Some of them are SteemMonsters post, but I directly sent a direct message notifying to improve their post or atleast give more than 50 words or create a blog which is appealing. The Busy guys are trying to post with an appealing blog, but it seems that these guys do have a job so just let it be.

They are having Fun


Look at them go as they use the eSteem app on mobile and surfer. In addition, I have supported a few users to perform well in the Steem blockchain by giving them 100 SteemPower.. Read more here https://steemit.com/steempress/@chuuuckie/delegationsupport-newusers-jljtj50rev

Mistakes and Imrpovements

Some of its users are new, so Im encouraging to post their daily blogs with love. Make it more appealing, post 1-3 photos and make it even 100 words per post, or more than 100 words per post..

Tips to the Readers, use <center> </center> on every image, *(word here)* to italic ### for larger body introductions. Please take note that Upvote are also not guaranteed, daily posts from your daily routines or whatever it might you want to post are non-plagiarized content.

Seize the Opportunity

tasteem.io – Post Restaurant Blogs here
steemhunt.com – Post Products, Earn Rewards
actifit.io – Earn Rewards from your Daily Activity
join.utopian.io – Contribute to Open Source Projects
busy.org – Another Steem Front End
steempress.io – From your WordPress blog to Blockchain
partiko app – a mobile steem app

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