eSteem Trail!

First of all, Thanks to Canva

eSteem Influence!

There has been a lot of people from our City that has been using the app. I just told them to use the app posting their daily status online. Insead of using facebook messenger’s myday, why not post it at eSteem right? You can create much larger stories, elaborate them like explaining the details from an activity post at Actifit App.

eSteem Trail!

I was a guest curator for a month, and I didnt really care how much effective curation I would get at that moment. Right now I would love to support everyone who is using the app even though it would drain my voting mana, and even though I would not get eSteem point for following the trail. If you love using esteem, then follow their trail by using SteemAuto.

How to Follow the Trail?

Visit their Website connect your account using SteemConnect, give your credentials. They require an active key for this one. Do not follow the eSteem trail, follow the trail because it votes first than the other account. That simple.

Remember to Vote @good-karma as a Witness

Vote here!

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