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Because its a new year and another new believes from what not. Do you even believe in Fengshui and their fortune telling stories? In my own opinion and with respect, I dont believe it. Even some people would say “Ill lose nothing if I believe”. Im not judging the person who believes in it, Im judging the agenda from it.

By the way, on what point of believing something that is not even allowed in your current belief. Like for example, you are a Catholic and you believe in Fengshui. Does this contradicts your belief from the bible versus the beliefs from Fengshui folktores?

Lets start from the very first on where fengshui was originated. Fengshui was originated at China some years ago like 200BC-300BC something like that. Now because of one simple compass, Chinese people starts to study the compass, the gravity and the energy behind. Lets say they are assuming gravity is somewhat like energy or chi or even beyond them, (but that was before). Some of their beliefs could predict love, fortune and dreams.

You know it may sound true. But what are your opinions about Fengshui? Was it really necessary to remove 13th floor in every building because of its beliefs? Lets discuss!

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