First 12 Hours of BTC/HUNT Exchange at Daybit!

Congratulations to the Hunt Team for this great Success!


So there is a competition running around this time read here for more. I believe that I might not be able to win this that much. From my trade, I only gained almost 10% in terms of USD. Selling at the price of 390 to 395 sats buying at 350 – 365 sats. Its an amazing experience to trade and accumulate tokens as much as I can. But unfortunately Ill be taking a few of these at home and celebrate for a little while.

Right now I will be holding 250k Hunt tokens and not selling it below 0.08 USD, we believe that hunt tokens has more value, and it should be around 0.02 , some investors and traders say that they will get rid of the users who doesnt give the platform a value. Like the sellers who will be trading and selling it to a lower price.

Great news anyways, HUNT/BTC at Daybit is at almost $170k USD volume trade, that is a good indicator that the market exchange is very active. There are already 1.2k Token Holder you may view the address here ->>

Sold out almost 9k hunt tokens, and now deciding to hold until SMT version is released. Im looking forward for another great news like ReviewHunt development and IdeaHunt development for a pump. Lets see what these traders got after the competetion and who will win. GOOD LUCK HUNTERS AND TRADERS!

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