Freezing Steemit Accounts?


Please let us share our own opinion and thoughts as an ordinary steemian not a top steem witness, and also please I am dumb – read at your own risk

About The Steemit INC Powering Down their Stakes

Before I come to any conclusion, I first read why they want to transfer the funds.

Based from this info, they wanted to secure their wallets. I dont get why they want to hide their shares from everyone? But I think we can all agree its okay to sell all of their shares since Steemit INC. is a private company, and I also see no improvement from their UI, probably the worse UI built, just look at other Steem dApps without delegation like Appics right?

Freezing Accounts

So, someone (I really dont know who he is) requested a pull reuqest from their repo to freeze the following accounts. Just look at their disclaimer from Steemit

Steemit Inc. (The “Company”), is a private company that helps develop the open-source software that powers, including steemd. The Company may own various digital assets, including, without limitation, quantities of cryptocurrencies such as STEEM. These assets are the sole property of the Company. Further, the Company’s mission, vision, goals, statements, actions, and core values do not constitute a contract, commitment, obligation, or other duty to any person, company or cryptocurrency network user and are subject to change at any time.

Is it really right thing to freeze these accounts, knowing that Steemit INC is a private company, not STEEM itself? And if we are talking about decentralization, are we even that decentralized if we dont allow them to sell all of their stakes or hide them?

What do you think? Is it Ethical to Freeze these accounts? or just let them power down for 13 weeks and after that, we would not know where their wallets are. Then they will be delegating power to SMT projects and get some SMT shares.

Theory 1 : They dont want to crash the market, they just want to support other SMT’s projects in the future, and also gain SMT shares ‘secretly’ without the public knowing that they are part of the steemit inc.

Theory 2 : They will leave Steem blockchain and totally dump everything. Defeating all of the Steemit’s Vision and Mission. Then everyone will go crazy.

Theory 3 : Crashing the market and manipulating the Price of Steem, most whales do manipulate the price of a specifc share (if you are that rich)

Please take note that these are just my Speculations about the Powering down and moving the shares from a private/secret wallet. Who knows what will happen after 13th week of the power down right? Lets just wait.

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