Halting eSteem Trail


On Halt!!

I have been following the trail for almost 2 weeks now, since then my curation effectiveness is lower than expected. The reason of this is because some @esteem votes are lower than 1% voting weight. Therefore 0.002 STU vote from 1.5% of my 2.5k SteemPower will not be getting 100% effectiveness. I had to stop following this trail.

The one Solution

The one solution for this is to follow the curators vote. I already stopped my automated votes at esteem.trail so I could support users manually. What I am trying to say is that I will be selecting a few people people who has been using the app religiously.

The 50/50 HF21

We all have heard about this, this is the reason why I have to select and observe users and better authors around the Steem blockchain to maximize their rewards and to maximize my curation rewards. Im not saying I will be inactive for a while because Ill be getting a huge curation rewards after the HardFork, Im saying that ill be spreading my votes to everyone.

You may notice, if you check my account data. I often vote myself, or I do not even vote myself unless it is currently on an active trail.

More detailed report about curation on the next post!

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