Happy Birthday Stee… NO!! (Read Me!)


Happy Anniversay Steem!

Is it too late to celebrate? No, its okay to be late than to never announce and express gratitude to the birth of the first Social Media platform powered by the blockchain technology.

Its been a long one long year run of posting ideas, talents, products and etc from this platform. I didn’t earn that much because of the price rejected below a dollar. I just spend money at steem when necessary – like buying myself an Internet Data plan and some few emergency funds.

I could barely compare my earnings between my weekly freelance photo-shoots from clients ranging $50 – $400 a night/day. That was a year ago, I cant do freelancing activities because I was still busy doing our Thesis and stuff. You would notice that Im not that financially broke, and been also playing around with dApps continuously.

Why I stayed and commited to this Platform is because I found more value not just in terms of money, but also relationships, friendships, products and etc. I met friends outside from our country, they want to borrow some money for emergency purposes – I let them borrow because they needed to. I trusted them, they paid back.

Expression of Gratitude

Now, I wouldnt make a long post about Steem blockchain. I would like to express my gratitude to the blockchain itself, to the developers of Steem. (I know that you guys are setting up something big, but you missed the deadline, WHEN IS THE MAINNET LAUNCH?), also why investors are scared to invest at Steem because of promises that arent fulfilled.

Right, so I also want to thank @bistonic for support me daily and lending me his SteemPower on exchange of something we agreed into. Thanks to @steempress-io for building a Plugin that lets me post my ideas from my blog website to the Steem Blockchain. Id also thank @steemhunt for giving me the opportunity to be an influencer for so long. @calprut and I were trailing at that time to be honest, but not doind v4v stuff because I dont hunt those days.

Yes, also for @calprut, @aamirijaz, @venzam, @lequiry, @monajam, @deong, and @sabari18. Thank you guys so much for the 1 year of SteemExperience. Had fun telling jokes and stuff.

Because of this Expression of Gratitude, dont expect that Ill give you some free steems. Haha, earn Steems! By participating through dapps, not just a secure autovote from your whales You know what I mean @calprut? 😛 STEEM ON!

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