Shot for an iPhone 7s Plus

Shot again from an iPhone 7s+ , we shot many portrait modes as we wanted. But the editing is really tough I might say, in this shot – this was clearly just a practice shot then edit to adjust with the natural lightings and the background. Eventually we failed from this moment and decided to enjoy swimming in a pool then continue the shots taken from the same position which is from the last 2 posts I posted this week.

Its not really that much, but I think I still forgot to uplaod the sunflower photo in portrait mode. Ill request for my Girlfriend to send that pic (unedited) and I shall upload it here so you guys would see how easy/hard it is to edit at a phone using LightRoom. The Adobe LR is also free, some features are not accessible, lucky for those who are dedicated of smartphone photography right? Or maybe cameras with WIFI, shoot and edit directly and instantly!

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Camera Settings

CAMERA MODEL iPhone 7s Plus
LENS iPhone 7s Plus

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