How I met Kenn Obias Tomines

Shot by Canon EOS 700D


Ahh, Another blog for another day. I know this photo is not that appealing or awesome looking. I just want to appreciate Kenn for being a loyal closest friend in my Engineering Journey. A 5 years of Engineering. Kenn and I met a few years ago 2015, I was not able to recognize him at the first place even we were classmates at our P.E. class. We assumed that we had a different time schedules – coincidentaly. We official met at our 2nd year of our Engineering course. I was an Electronics Communications Engineering shifting to Computer Engineering because I found more opportunity and chances than the ECE course.

ECE was a hard course for me, knowing that my father is also an Engineer (Registered Engineer). I remember the day, Kenn and I really talked to each other for the first time, when Kenn and Stephen asked me to do their project which is 101 Computer Problems with hard copy, he said they will pay if I will finish it early. So then we agreed and I finished it early. I was an awesome student back then, but everything changed when I met my ex-girlfriend, she was basically a distraction in my life. I was not supposed to be falling in love at that time. Months passed by we broke up, everyone was happy, my parents and my closest friends.

I represent Kenn as a Cat. Because a cat is not like a dog who is really phyisically there, a cat senses problems when it senses danger. Just like Kenn, he senses feelings of other people. He reflects it and gives his own opinion knowing that sometimes he is not right nor wrong. He gives details on what he feels on that certain person. Cats also trim themeselves just like Kenn, he super self-concious on his own looks. I even remembered that time he told me that he recently bought a Kojic soap (Beauty Soap) and it was effective.

Kenn, if you read this. – PS I already read our research regarding on our project called fire detection using image processing. I had my own research little by little, it is possible. I just dont know where to start, our prototype design sucks, our schematic is fine – simple and very easy. I’m looking forward on gathering funds from @fundition-io soon right after our proposal so we they will be funding us for our project.

Color Pallete

Credits to Canva for the Color Pallete Generator

Thanks for Reading! What are your own opinions about the photo, do I still have to improve it? P.S. Photo and Watermark is Official mine.

Camera Settings

LENS Kit lens 18-55mm 3.5f-5.6f
ISO 400

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