How Important is Communication?

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How Important is Communication?

After the Random was nuked out, erased & deleted because of Personal issues – recently someone attacked teamhumble, and we really don’t know who those guys are just another alt-account to manipulate the channel to go against on us. Never the less the issue was fixed through confrontation between teamhumble and I. The random was not really actually a threat, maybe it just needs some disciplinary action.

I realized after the removal of the random channel was – communication is very essential to most of the people. This is where we communicate to other users, their ideas, give jokes and also respect each other. The random channel was purposely built to discuss random things, not specific things like the general chat. I respect the decision from project7 to remove the channel temporarily, but they could have consider the other side.

Ive been receiving a lot of Direct Messages regarding #random channel – why was it removed? This is the answer from your question. Its just sad because I may not be able to talk with the awesome people I met internationally.


Just like the messages, emails, textmessages between you and your girlfriend – Communication is very important. One of the keys of a Peace treaty since the World War II was communication, uniting each country just needs a small communication between nations.

Collaboration or Competition

Its true that we are living in a competitive world, “Life is a Race” they said. Collaborative projects and collaborative countries like from Japan succeeded from their plans and make their place a better country. The downside of competition is only half of the class will succeed in room of with 50 people. Thats also how Philippine Univerisities work, if you fail to participate because some grades are based through competition, you have to be independent and fight for your position.

Where as Collaboration, each and everyone will gather some ideas and succeed together. If you dont get my point, lets go to and ask some questions there properly. Join

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