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Back again to reality! Today is the last day of the Proposal Hearing with the Mechanical Engineering students, Good luck and God bless the defendants, especially @gecaintristan. I woke up early in the morning. 2AM to be exact and looking Steem with an increase from 0.7 – 0.8 USD. Not a bad growth, but I am hoping that in this month, Steem will rise so as BTC.

Since traders wanted to try the resistance of BTC down to $6000, it is proven that it will never go low as $5900. Which this is also a sign for a big bulls maybe sooner or later. I think we will be expecting a BTC price of $10k by the end of the year, lets not expect BTC will hit $20k again, at least maybe a year from now.

I bought 2 XRP last week, which is 0.5 USD XD. Im gaining 20% of my investment which was not that bad. Lets try not to sell our assests/coins on the months of September and October how about that? Many will try to buy BTC and ETH. (By the way, Im not a trader. Im just sharing my own opinion)

It is also the best month to buy some votes from smartsteem or smartmarket. It is profitable for atleast 10% of your investment. More like 10%-15% since curation percentage is not close to 25%. How about you try? But dont promote your votes when using SteemPress, SteemHunt or eSteem. Beneficiaries might kill you. Anyways, I am currently drafting my post for the near future all about photography and etc again.

Try to use @automation for fun, and also cheer up by commenting !popcorn

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