Are you excited? HardFork20!

12 Hours from now, Hardfork20 will be launched later on and we will be seeing bigger changes from the Blockchain, as part of my responsiblities as a knowledgable user about creating content for the steem platform and to add value. I will have my own Video tutorials for new Steemians to guide them on how things work on Steem.

And also as a SteemPress Moderator and as Promised – I posted and invited aspiring wordpress bloggers that will also may benefit them without the use of google adsense in that way of telling them “Earn more without the use of ads” (I don’t just moderate things on SteemPress, I actively monitor the transactions of SteemPress and promote Steem platform too). Also as a SteemHunt influencer, because HF20 is on its way, I am secretly gathering a few of my friends and telling them “You will earn more if you find Unique gadgets and stuff”.

Topics soon to be shared

Welcome Hunters and Pressers
Welcome Hunter – Start Here
Welcome Pressers – Start Here
Introducing a few dApps
Join Discord Groups
How to Post a Hunt

These topics are more like “Steem for Dummies” – non-professional & non-technical (which would be fun I guess.

Some post will be added, these topics are for the newest members of the Steem platform. I want to help each and everyone because nobody helped me except @jassennessaj. My posts were undervalued, I even bought votes just to get noticed by a few people. I was struggling – those struggles was a lesson, I learned how to be independent and how to interact with other steemians with the use of Discord servers and helped me learn more about the blockchain technology. I also think that Steem might be the bridge between the Cryptoworld and the Non-Cryptoworld, basically because you will learn more here. Other Crypto and ICO are too technical to understand, which Steem is very easy to learn by posting your ideas and your blogs (Learn more about blockchain by experiencing it, or by using it).

I am excited, and ready to feel the wrath of HF20!

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