Influencer Role is a Big role

Just a short reflection as an Influencer role from SteemHunt

SteemHunt is one of the most successful decentralized Application powered by the steem platform. Which I want to reflect myself that the ifluencer role has the most complicated and powerful role in the community. Besides the role of Moderators/CommunityManager/Team has a role that is not responsibly for upvoting the hunts.

The point is, If you want to run as an influencer. You should know that it is a burden, especially you need to maintain your huntscore, the pressure that your hunts should be a the top of the list to maintain your scores. Its no simple, because most of us dont know who our scores has been calculated.

Circle Jerkers are still attempting to play the game, but there is this moderators that keeps upvoting each other which I wouldn’t care that much knowing that the guy is already autovoting his partner. Case closed, everyone has its own reasons. It is still funny to see hunters keeps upvoting their friends, like that ETH BLOCKCHAIN game rejecting the curation rewards.

So far, I dont upvote people nowadays. Most of them DM me their hunts, project7 told me to ignore those people, but I usually check it if its good or not. If its not then Ill let it pass, if its good then Id probably give them a vote. Take note that im upvoting products not the users, sometimes I cannot also tolerate awesome users who really choose the coolest products ever. Anyways this burden is awesome, and a great growing pill. (lol what Im I saying)

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