SteemHunt for Dummies (Influencer Roles)

This Tutorial is un-official course from the book called courses for dummies, it is just an educational initiative so other may able to post their hunt properly. This is also non-professional and just to show more of our insights as a Hunter, and with also great power comes with a great responsibility.

Requirement of this Course

  • Internet Connection (obviously)
  • Steem Account (basically)
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Objectives of this Course

  • The Proper Introduction of Curation Ambassadors
  • The SteemHunt Influencer v.1.0
  • The SteemHunt Influencer : Reborn

SteemHunt has grown massively, up to the top notch. Not until the Steem INC delegated power to SteemHunt, almost everyone turns their heads to another opportunity to “milk” the system. But the system is constantly adapting from new abusive attempts. Every user keeps on complaining and suggesting a development for the new system, not knowing that the team is constantly changing and adapting for a better user experience.

In this topic, I am going to share the benefits, the perks, and the factors of an Experienced SteemHunt Influencer. First introduction of SteemHunt Influencer will be found here. My first understanding about the SteemHunt influencer is a curation ambassador to promote/support quality hunting posts on Steemhunt so that they will have the opportunity to be observed by our users. NOT voting undervalued hunts and make it to the top of the list, that is also why I keep my votes more diverse so the voting amount will be spread among the hunters. In fact this was all wrong.

The SteemHunt Influencer:Reborn version has a better way of introducing proper curation ambassador, which this also encourages us (influencers) to beat the circle jerkers and encourage hunters that really found a great hunt. Now that this is properly disseminated to other users that also attracts them of apply to an Influencer role, take note that Influencers is a hard job (well for me as an experienced voting products which are cool enough or innovative enough) Check the new post here.

The reason why Influencer is a Big role

  • Your Hunt Score level matters.

Id say that you can only hunt more often, just to maintain your user score and help other hunters. You can’t also initiate vote-4-vote or cycle voting because everything matters. You will have to maintain a bigger score to influence more hunts.

  • Fighting Against the Circle Jerkers

After 12AM KST or the roll over of the hunts, some users will try to attempt to vote for their friends not knowing that they are rejecting the curation rewards (15 mins) I try to pass it by and laugh. I myself would not be upvoting these kind of users because first of all, they have a secure 20.00 – 30.00 worth of votes. Which by the way, the new Philosophy of an Influencer is to promote UNDERVALUED HUNTS those 0.00 will be lucky enough to get noticed.

There are also perks as a SteemHunt Influencer that would be a secure total vote of 2.5% from steemhunt from giving comments and encouraging users to hunt more (not included the 3 comments based from the hunt level/user score.) , a multiplier (x3) to your votes and more hunt token reward for votes.

Curation rewards are also profitable, as some influencers that has at least 500SP could gain an amount of 3-5 steem perweek from the curation rewards. Because the bigger your influencer score, the bigger the chances it gets curated by the whales.


In summary, dont upvote users that has the worse hunts like non-innovative products and does not help the individuality at all. How about we upvote hunts that is helpful to our society or innovative enough. I now try to upvote 100% to those hunts that has 0.00 but also a cool product, I dont care if it is the same person from yesterday. As long as you vote the product/hunt not the user.

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