Curate with the Influencers of SteemHunt

This Tutorial is un-official course from the book called courses for dummies, it is just an educational initiative so other may able to post their hunt properly. This is also non-professional and just to show more of our insights as a Hunter, and with also great power comes with a great responsibility.

1st Term of the 1st Batch of the new SteemHunt Influencers will begin tomorrow, and believe me its better if you choose the best hunts that posted from the hunters. In this general topic we will be discussing the perks of curation.

Now we all know that whoever votes first to a post, and upvoted by a trail or a big whale. You will gain more curation rewards, and as for this let me give you a straight to the point tip for the hunters out there.

Because most influencers will be upvoting their favorite hunts that is UNDERVALUED , I would suggest that you hunters out there shall be upvoting most INNOVATIVE HUNTS of the days, the BEST among the rest hunts of the day. Here is the reason why.

  • Influencer Scores (Our Job will depend on the hunt and the votes from the hunters)

I am encouraging hunters to upvote that has been upvoted by the Influencers, easy to understand because some influencers might not upvote which are already VALUABLE or has a value already.

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