Welcome to your new Home!


So I was busy at that much, no time to chit-chat with friends, and spending some time with our new family member in our home. He is Einstein, named from his hair which is sparky and sticks out his tongue first time seeing him. Yes its a HIM, my Mom met someone that who was giving away puppies for free, we didn’t know what breed it was in the first place.

Einstein is a mix Japanese Spitz crossbreed with his mom a toy dog Shih Tzu. Dogs are very playful especially Shih Tzu, I cant wait to see him grow and returning home seeing us that makes him happy. I’ve talked about owning a Pet 4 days ago, its great that I was able to reach honest comments from honest people who gave their own opinions about a cat. Now we are owning a dog, what do you guys think? Its my first time owning a dog, I don’t know how they poop, when they poop, the food they eat, the play they need.

Will he be happy from his new home? – We are so busy, and we cant even handle a cat last year, what will happen to this pup, I already promised them to take care this pup and meet his needs, what a spoiled doggy xD.

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