Love is Sacrifice


Love is Sacrifice

Just recently, we have a new memeber of the Family. He is a dog named Einstein, named from his sticking out of tongue attitude and from his white fluffy coat hair. Now this, his fluffy white coat hair has a lot of flies. Which in this topic this would relate why Love contains sacrifice. For all the money I saved for this Christmas is now spent, but I know Ill be there someday. Because I do not take-and-take, I also give.

Regardless of this, why love really needs sacrifice? (I prefer to ask this question at but I think it would be better here to reflect those answers here. Now, @calprut just had an emergency last 2 days ago – he told me he needs 70 steem for his father. Now because of the bonds, and the relationship between the both of us, I love this guy “as a friend” he is been so awesome since the last 5 months. I immediately gave him 70Steem for the medicine of his Father. You would do anything just to save someone from suffering right?

I am also spending my $50 worth Steem Dollars for our Puppy, he needs some maintenance and also a lice check up, I sacrificed my money for Christmas just for our new family member. Love is Sacrifice is simply because you are able to cancel your goals in lifes, or you daily task, or it could be a daily routine, for the sake of your loved ones to make them feel better, to make the feel loved – and most importantly. To let them realize that we really truly love them.

Well, I know for dogs and animals – they dont seem to react from the sacrifice we made from them. But I know for sure, someday they will love us back, and thats also why pets are bets companion inside your household.

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