Join dApp Communities!

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PS: This post is non-pro, and I advise you to read with respect. Allow me to rant!

Join dApp Communities!

Why? I have seen and I have been a lot of communities, especially our community which is steemph. They are mostly inactive, now the account is pretty useless because of inactive curation. What is it like to be a curator? Its to upvote good post and get curation rewards, that simple. The community should be helping curate that user to that dApp with a big steempower.

Big question is why join dApp Communities? Because it pretty useless to join other communities now, steem isnt just about your blogs/vlogs and etc. its about making content, its not about just specifically YOU. Its about the product of the content you give just like SteemHunt.


I am pretty disappointed from our own Community, not because they are inactive. But because the promises they made were broken, and I just hate people with ambitious dreams, but it wouldn’t happen. (A big facepalm right there by the way) Communities should be helping each other, well atleast SteemHunt is one of the most active communities who were upvoting posts, actively, giving valuable comments and etc. See the Difference, there is much more value than your narcissistic blog.


Now because of inactive promises made from so called leaders, right now lets focus on making projects develop like SteemHunt and other dApplications. Lets not forget about SMTs and the full bullish run this upcoming year :D. Cheers!

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