Questions related to Computer Ethics


1.) Do you think computers and related gadgets are making human teachers obsolete? Why? Support your answer.

No, to think that there is an Online School available in the internet, they even need more teachers to teach more subjects to foreign students, we cannot possibly teach students with just a book or some texts, you need to also teach them on ‘why you should understand this topic’. Therefore computers and related gadgets helps reproduce more teachers in the future, it should have a human understanding to teach a student (lets put it that way). It is not also possible for an AI to teach a student, but that’s a different topic.

2.) Do you prefer bookless library? Why or why not?

I prefer to be updated on what is new today, if the technology eats up everything in the generation, meaning took everything. Then I would prefer a bookless library, and create a cloud server for e-books to be stored, all smart devices with LAN will be able to access that cloud server exclusively inside the library ONLY.

3.) In this era of computer, e-mail, facebook, and other social networking, ‘Education without Borders’ is possible. How?

I cannot really tell generally if Education without Borders is possible IMO when regards to computers, email, facebook and internet social networking platforms. What I am saying is the government should take this job more seriously. Especially in Facebook, you will learn nothing from Social Media, instead you will learn more stupid people sharing non-sense videos. Unless every post is moderated with users who doesn’t like it, new users at the age of 12 would be much likely learn immoral values, because of liberal people and their influence from their own experience, of course kids will watch it because they are curious. Maybe Education without Borders is Possible, but everyone should be working it, not just teachers. Lets just say, it needs to have a bigger vision on why, fundings, and support from the government.

4.) It is said that computers are the greatest innovation in education in the 20th Century. Do you agee/disagree? Support your answer.

I think yes, it is the greatest innovation. It lets people connect to each others, build something for companies, simulate life and so on. After Computers were made, the internet boomed and most people keep relying on it, then another decade there is another tech which is currently still active and it is the most secure tech that no one could ever hack it (unless Phising) it’s the Blockchain Technology

5.) What do you consider as E-learning’s greatest advantage? What is the greatest disadvantage? Explain

Lets keep it short, the greatest advantage here is you just going to sit back and relax inside your homes while you are ‘willingly’ learning the topic. The ‘greatest’ disadvantage here is human physical interaction, I guess.

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