Got the Piano!

P.S. : This is a short post, I just want to have a quick post to let the blockchain know that I got the piano lol.

Yamaha Here I Go!

So, me and my family got the Piano, Yamaha-p115. All thanks to them, Ive been dreaming to learn how to play the Piano for years. The first was a Guitar, the second was a Flute, the third are drums, and now its the Piano. Luckily I have a minimal background of reading notes, so I dont have to worry about reading consistently on a music sheet.

Its my 2nd day of using the Piano, technically speaking 2 nights. I had to discipline myself on using and practicing play piano for 4-6 hours minimum. I was already so busy yesterdat, I dont have much time to post about the arrival of our lovely Piano and also post awesome products at SteemHunt.

Dedication to Blog while playing Piano

Im not much really a VLOGGER type person who speaks right in front of you and boasting some skills, (only reviewing products tho). My type of blog is to write and sum things up just what I blogged.

Now, Ive done already my 1st sheet and I also wanted to share to you the sheet that Ive been learning.

The sheet music title is called “Alabama”, I dont know who composed it AFAIK. But I know its a traditional song for begginners. Now I have a project every week, that I should be able to finish atleast 1 music sheet per week.

My hands are already in pain, because of hard-core hand exercises, and also I dont have a teacher I just learn at my own pace. I hope to see you guys around.

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