Piano Sheet #2 (Ave Maria) & Influencer Role (Personal Blog)

Busy Week and a Busy Day

Our final for checking our Thesis is this Friday, was busy on finalizing everything especially being busy together with my team-mates. Luckily we are almost done finalizing everything tho. Aside from that, Ive been also busy ony planning the Following.

  • GeekNest (A Studio Hub for ReviewHunters)
  • GeekNest Team List
  • GeekNest Roadmap and Plans
  • GeekNest Fundition Campaign Launch
  • and for the Piano (20% Ave Maria)

As for the Piano-lesson, for me learning new opportunities like playing Piano is very hard, since I am already an adult, and its pretty hard for me to learn new things that includes PURE SKILLS, im not regretting for choosing the Piano instrument anyways.

Influencer Role is back Again

It seems that I got the Influencer role back again for 3 weeks, it has been a long week not getting the role, It was also unexpected because I really dont have goals to get the role but instead hunting and posting products everyday, now that Im back. Lets stack up some Hunt Tokens again!

BitCoin vs Steem

BTC is still bearish, I also dont see any bullish run within the next few weeks, who knows when the price will rice again right? As for Steem, we are heading up again, as far as ive been observing the volume and despite from the Steemit’s PowerDown. I already have a conclusion in my mind, that Steem will be bullish in the next few weeks, and another bullish run if BTC will rise again.

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