1 – 2 Music sheets per day?

Again its me

Sorry, Im not able to edit some thumbnail for this post – hopefully tomorrow morning for the piano daily blogs. Happy Chinese New year to my Asian friends, its year of the Earth Pig. I dont get why they celebrate Chinese New Year, thankfully its a special holiday, so as expected that there would be no classes for everyone!

2Sheets 1Goal

You have heard me, Ive been playing piano for three days and 3-4hours a day, at least (minimum) but I also get addicted to these hard keyboard, which my practice will exceed to 6-7 hours in total in just one day. Just now, I finished the music sheet called “Persian Market Monkey” and “Turken in the Straw”. My wrists are heavily bruised because of 1 Octave excercises.

Up next?

I think I need to focus on a simple sheet and a intermediate sheet for a week, and also showcase the intermediate sheet to you guys, maybe next month or so. Im happy playing around with the Grand Digital Piano, Special thanks to Synthesia for making Digital Piano work so fine and good #midicontroller.

In addition, maybe in the next blog, I will be making a blog about top 50 Blockchain based games at dApp list of games. Until next time!

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