Piano sheets for practice

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Long time no blog, I mean for almost more than 24 hours. This time I want to share it to my blog and to the blockchain the title names of the sheets I finished.

  • Alabama
  • Persian Monkey Market
  • Alan Silvestri (Piano Solo) Infinity war In Progress
  • Bach Prelude in C In Progress
  • Clair de Lune Debussy In Progress

Anyways you may download these sheets by searching these to google, or even better – MIDI files are available – if you have a digital piano with a built in midi controller, then you are so lucky to have one and use Synthesia for $20!

My Equipment

We bought the Piano for almost $1k USD, not more than 1k USD. The model of the Digital Piano is Yamaha-p115, it doesnt come with the stand – but it comes with a power cord and a pedal. The Piano had a Grand Piano key feeling.

I also have a Synthesia and a USB chord for MIDI controller. I gotta say, Im busy doing Piano and stuff even our Thesis is unfinished. Back to business tho, im still working on our GeekNest thing.

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