Vaping vs. Smoking (My Personal Experience)


Vaping vs. Smoking

The fact that Smoking then burning something and inhaling it into your lungs is really bad to your health. Burning papers, and tobacco leaves into your lungs could damage your lungs and also your whole health.

As for my case, and for research purposes while we are having our Thesis Project – I decided to smoke tobacco products, why?

1.) I want to experience the so called “withdrawal effect”
2.) I want to experience on how society sees a smoker
3.) I also want to know why people smoke

The Experience on how Society sees a Smoker

Lets get this first, because this is an interesting topic. Normally in some public areas, people wouldn’t care much if you are a smoker – unless those areas are (non-smoking) areas, which people would really warn you if you smoke, and I respect that.

But its interesting when your colleagues/closest friends would say “Oh are you a smoker now?” I answered them briefly after telling them “Yes, I am a chainsmoker”. Some of my friends would not care, but almost 70% would wonder on why I smoke, and why I do this?

There are 3 Main Reasons why I smoke..

1.) Research Purposes, Personal Research
2.) Nicotine, gives me a lot of Energy for work
3.) Social Interaction, Peer Pressure (But my friends dont smoke)

Withdrawal Effect

After months of smoking, I try to decide on quitting cigs, and I felt something really bad. Like it is super depressing, its when you feel – something is missing. Scientifically, nicotine is an addictive drug, which also affects your brain and your current behavior. Thats why when you smoke a cig, theres that “kick” feeling and goes to say “wow”. But you will crave for more if you cant get enough of Kicks in just one stick.

The withdrawal effect was so bad for me, then I do my basic routine again. The solution of quitting to smoke is not (not smoking for a week). Maybe some sort of distractions or social interactions, that might help Psychologically.

Why do people really smoke?

It comes into a Conclusion on why people smoke because of these factors, (based on my own experience, not from a study or etc). Because I notice I was so lonely, I really need a little bit of talks and etc.

1.) One of the factors on why people smoke is that they are lonely, lets say your girlfriend is away and busy for work, while you are still at the University still studying your Main Course. Something that that may able to relax you while you are stressed out, thats also the feeling when you are smoking cigarettes.

2.) The second factor is peer-pressure, In my case. It wasnt really peer pressure, I just wanted to smoke, because I want to.

3.) Nicotine over Caffeine, some people intentions are not really a fashion trend or what not. Some people would rather choose Nicotine than Caffeine or even choose both of em because they lack of sleep, or they need these drugs to do their job better.


Just now, I stopped smoking and had a try with the new vape, its expensive but I know this is for the greater good. The juice-liquid has still some sort of Nicotine-Pharma, dont know what that is. There has still been a study on-going about vaping, if this is also bad for your health or not. FDA promises to complete the resesarch this coming 2022. So far, ive been vaping for a week, and there has still some kicks on it because the juice/e-liquid has some nicotine.

I dont also consider vaping as smoking, but I am considering if you are vaping you are already a Tobacco smoker. First impressions from vaping was great, Loved it. You may help the surroundings by not throwing cigar waste at the streets. Will love to let you guys know after my experience of vaping for a month. Give you guys a feedback anytime soon! 😉

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