Smart Fire Detection and Sprinkler System – Prototype Design

The Design

We purposely made a (6ft by 6ft) room with a height of (4ft) so we may able to adjust the sprinklers manually. As for the Camera, (which is 3D Printed, to be discussed later on) is also purposely 5ft high. The camera could not cover the room if the camera is at 4ft with 60 degree field of view.


The height of the sprinkler is approx 5.8ft, and from its base to each edge of the main output of the sprinkler is about 1.5ft.

The Camera

Our camera has a built-in 3D printed casing for Raspberry Pi, and a dismantled usb-camera inside the camera model. It fits perfectly to the both modules.

Up next, we will be discussing the Schematic Diagram of our System. Since we are not done yet, we can only provide this atm. We still have a lot of testings and documentations to add.

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