Developing an Inventory Management System


Company or Institutions Descriptions

TSI primarily provides operations and maintenance services for television and radio broadcast transmitters. Moreover, the company offers other highly specialized consultancy, network planning and project management services for broadcasting companies. To date, TSI’s main client is ABS-CBN Corporation, managing their vast networks of radio and TV transmitters. It is likewise involved in various TV coverage expansion and improvement projects. They are currently headquartered at Mandaluyong City and a sub main office near Jagobiao, Mandaue City.

Department functions and responsibilities.

The system that we would like to propose contains all the devices, tools and company equipment. The system will help the user or the management track their items stored inside and outside their warehouse.

Organizational Business Value of the department

Transmission Specialists Incorporated provides operations and maintenance services for television and radio broadcast transmitters.

Current system used

The current system used by Transmission Specialists Incorporated is a manual system is an Excel Software that will help them monitor their tools and equipments going inside and outside from their warehouse. The management will only have to manually input the description of the tool/equipment, the name and the quantity.

Problem encountered in system used

The problems encountered in their system is that the records and the logging of tools and equipment is stored in an ordinary excel file. We also found out that they are in need of a Inventory Management System that they desire. With a clean User Interface and adding a few features they need, it would be beneficial for their part to those who don’t know how to use the Excel Software.


Project Sponsor

The project sponsor of the system is not the founder of the company, but the head Operations Area 2 which is the Visayas region, Engr. Benjamin M. Jaim Jr.

Business Need

The system that the company is currently using lacks a better user interface and the functionality of a proper inventory management system. The proposed system is developed to handle this limitation of the current system used by the company with the incorporation of the inventory system.

Business Requirement/Functionality

The proposed system would be easy to understand to most of the users, and also to properly track the tools and equipment going inside and outside the warehouse.

Business Value/Expected Value

The function of the system is expected to bring a better user experience and a better inventory functionalities that it can provide. Improving the use of inventory management functionalities will help users to not just rely in Excel Software.


The Project will also be Open-Source, thank you so much for reading.

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