Would This Be Our Worst RingHop event ever?

RingHop, Hop that Pricey Venue

Hi guys, welcome again to my blog. Hi again Philippines tag and Cebu tag, (just to keep relevant tags) I am chuuuckie by the way, as you may know we will be having our RingHop for this Batch 2019 Graduates in this coming March and October. With the current rants and old rants that began from me, and followed by those who really see the organizers are doing. We concluded that the Ringhop would be slightly different from before, which is we think that it would be much worse, and not better than before.

So this was last years event, it was perfect. I also posted it on the Steem Blockchain, its not worth the money, but still it was a great opportunity to be with them. Its my 2nd time around at that time, and now its my 3rd time. Im not going to join the ringhop as a Photographer, but as one of the Batch Graduates, I will be enjoying this event later 4 hours from now lol.

What is RingHop Ceremony

In my own view and in my own words, it is simply a cultural event here in the Philippines before college students are ready to set for their next journey or lets just say ready for graduation. Q?: Hey Chuuuckie what degree did you take? – It is Computer Engineering and it took me 5 years to get this far. This Ringhop Ceremony is for all Engineering Courses, like Industrial, Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical and Computer. Civil, Chemical and other Engineering courses that does not exist, is not available here in our Campus – it is mainly because (University of Cebu – LM) – is not the Main Campus here in the Philippines.

There are 4 (University Of Cebu) campuses existed. But that is a different topic. What ringhop really means, as from our Dean once said. “This is also only the time your Parents or your relatives might be able to grab the opportunity to walk up the stage, because during graduation they will not be able to walk with you in a stage I mean like BIG STADIUM.

Ringhop meaning it also means that you will be marrying the Degree that you took from your fresmen years to your senior years. We were about 100+ students at that time, there will be only 12-15 Computer Engineering Graduates. Ill see you around anytime soon, I need to prepare my things. I hope this event will turn out great.

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