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So, I want to review a Game this time and Im going to see how good I am in terms of reviewing games for the upcoming @reviewhunt, this serves as a training or a practic, also working for a longer review but the product/app should be tested for a day, not in a Span of 2 hours.

Boxing Stars

Its a simple boxing arcade game, similar to Punch Hero a few years ago. You train and get some skills points, you join leagues and make it through the top. But that does not stop there at all – you may also battle with users inactively or while you away and serves as your defense record. Which by the way its pretty cool for a boxing game like this. Anyways lets go to the gameplay.


I have a slow smartphone, it is a Samsung J7 Prime. This is the gameplay, and the Final Boss “Dengrave” basically.

What I hate about the gameplay is that there are digits, you will need to upgrade your equipments like your groin and your mouthguard, there will also be types of equipment – such as rare, and uncommon. So far, I only reached the Rare type of equipment, normally I played the game of the Span of 2 hours, which was pretty fun and sometimes hard.


Not bad for a 300MB game in android, vs Punch Hero a similar game, with similar moves and gameplay almost everything is Similar. I set the Graphics as low as it can get. With normal settings of the graphics, I was still able to play the game smoothly – but I would prefer Low for Mid-ranged smartphones so your punches will respond quickly.

Overall x/10

Maybe around 7.5 out of 10. The game still needs more development and more Features such as.

  • Battle a Friend using WiFi
  • Online Matches / Real Matchmaking

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