Learning Piano at my own Pace (Day 1)

Thanks to Canva

Learning Piano Day 1

So, you may have read about my recent post about investing my time and efforts of learning Piano. I know this kind of investment is for a lifetime and it could also be passed through generations. Its not also late for me to learn Piano when clearly I am already an adult (20 years old here). In case you dont know, Im already slowly learning the family chords of each triad notes. Would be also a great foundation on reading chords before to continue learning those difficult notes. (I was still highschool at that time, so I couldt quite remember a lot from my highschool days while learning notes, beats, rests and time signatures).

Now Im just gonna share you of what I learn this day without a Piano. (The piano will arrive maybe within the next few days, but I am certain it will arrive.)

Here are the links in case you want to also learn Piano together with me.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M0OChRuaFw — Learning the Key of G

http://youtu.be/cepQVdpZB5U — Learning the key of C

I would also recommend on buying a Piano that you really like. Any model would do, try to find a Piano with 88 keys (just like a Grand Piano, but an affordable one). Dont buy a Piano that has no long term value in the next year, (because we might not know, you will be a Pro at it, and you will decide to buy a new one, and your fingers will try to adjust again for its own comfort).

Why Chords?

In my own opinion. I think its best to learn Piano with chords first than to learn some notes. In addition, try to learn and familiarize some keys so you may enjoy impromtu and enjoy playing piano with the power of your understanding between the keys and the similarties. (I also understood the mathematical patterns between the key pitches from every note, there is a mathematical explanation link below in the description)

I was inspired by Beethoven – because he was deaf, and he still was able to create music. The reason why he was able to create music its because music relates to a mathematical equation and frequencies, and also in my part. I could easily understand why those notes are most likely good to be heard because of their patterns.

I think Ive said enough 😛 … Ill continue tomorrow, cheers!

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