Learning Piano at my own Pace (Day 2)

Thanks to Canva

Learning Piano Day 2

FYI: Ill make this post short and simple but informative. Yesterday, I was not able to post because I was away for awhile because of all those drama gambling with @magicdice. I lost 500 steem unfortunately, regardless of this. I have currently moved on and think another one instead, its not healthy for me to think losing 500 steem, its like losing over $2000 if the price was so high. Now I learnt that I should never be gambling at the first place.

Okay so now, I was able to review the reading techniques of all kinds of notes and the references for the piano and easily understood the rests and half rests and so on.

So this is one of the video-references I recently watched.

I guess that will be all for today!

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