Love in a Nutshell


This post is simply a drama, a reflection, and a non-professional writing. So please if you will notice some wrong spelling, wrong grammars, pardon me from my ability to write and tell stories which is not that accurate. Thank you.

Love in a Nutshell

When you love someone, it is very simple, easy, and effortless. But to think when you love someone longer for years, months and decades. You will find it out hard, why is it so hard? For me it is hard to stay long for your love ones, because it is the same person everyday, nothing new, nothing interesting, but what makes it unique is the commitment between the both of you.

Both of you should agree that staying is key for a stable relationship, its not just all about happiness and sweet sugar coated words from before. Ill tell you again, its all about staying longer and the commitment. Commitment always matters, tell you this. In every relationship there is what we called dating, from ordinary fast foods to restaurants, from 1st base to home run – if you know what I mean.

In a nutshell, love is not just a chemical reaction that you feel something inside in your brain and send signals to almost every part of your body, you will feel relaxed and there is something going on by seeing or feeling that specific person, which is a different feelings to the other people that you might see.

Fun fact that almost Men sees Women just as a Sex Material, and for all we know – yes this isn’t love. For that is simply a lust, but most of the Men use this Lust feeling and distract themeselves or confuse themeselves to make it love. To simplify, and in Truth we really see women as a sex material because we get attracted from their looks, and now we distract (Men) that we are not into sex, we just want to share the love.

Why am I saying this? Oh simply because I love my GirlFriend so much, not because I see her as a sex material or something like that, I learn how to respect our relationship and the decisions we make, I realized this when she wants to break up with me last 3 days ago, but everything seems to be okay after I tell her that Ill be there at her house late in the evening. She even insited No need, lets talk tomorrow , and I cant sleep because of this. I have to force myself then to be there late in the evening.

Anyhow, Happy 18th Monthsary to us. Cheers and more years to come!

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