Market is Up Again!

Bullish? Or a Pump and Dump Scheme?

So the market is up again, with a big pump from Doge Coin – which is now being dumped. Then to XRP pumping! I dont know if this month is the month we all have been waiting for, a Bullrun? No not really. Based from my observations and the news just recently. “Bitcoin will Reach $250,000 USD per token” well that is something.

In this year around, I guess we wont be seeing a solid price of $20k worth of bitcoin. We just cant predict the Price of bitcoin. There are even speculations that bitcoin was manipulated. I really dont know how or why. I can’t tell if its true or not.

STEEM is also up! Almost as the worth of USD, there will be a lot of happy creators who has been holding for a month. But for me, Id still wait for Steem to be priced at $5-$8, and maybe buy things for the future of my content and everything. Investment outside the steem platform but a benefit for content creation for Steem.

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