Marvel’s Avengers : End Game – Going IMAX (again!) VLOG soon

A vlog from Last year, curated by @dtube and Watched the IMAX-Infinity War

Vlog from last year, I can do better than this

Its Going to Be BIG!!!

Yep, it seems Marvel’s End Game would really be a blast in the upcoming weeks, it is already been trending worldwide and the most viewed trailer in Youtube in just a week! In my case, I am going to Sponsor IMAX TICKETS for my friends and also an early celebration for my upcoming graduation ceremony this October. (I am hoping)

It has been a few months since I havent posted a Vlog in dtube, and that was also my first vote from dtube – some topics were not upvoted, and I dont know why.

About End Game

There has been a lot of speculations of what will happen in the movie, will it be Time Travel or going to another multi-dimensional universe, lets say another earth similar to theirs. I actuall dont know, but for sure – it will end up pretty well thus we wont be sure if everyone will survive in this movie – as per some Actors has some contracts that has already come to an end.

Would it really be the literal END GAME for the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and “start over” again – (reference from Peggy Carter)


Yes its expensive but it worth it. The IMAX ticket price in our country is worth almost $10 each ticket, reserved seat. We will be booking early and will be watching the movie on Sundays so everyone may be able to watch it in their free time. Everybody will have a more time to spend and bond with each other.

Going back to IMAX – I think they have 14.2 Speakers? I mean you may able to hear the noise of a Jet Engine. Similar noise, and an Immersive view of curved screen also in 3D! Unlike other theaters that offers only half the price but less the experience, you can only appreciate the story, not the feeling or the Director wants to really tell the story. PS: Im a Movie Enthusiast and a Somewhat Filmmaker.

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