Midi Files vs. Music Sheets?

Again sorry for the late post, was busy playing with something. Playing with our Thesis, deadline would be next week.

Music Sheets

Some are really difficult to read, especialy notes with flats and sharp. For me its diffuclt to read complex new language kind of stuff. Its like learning from English to basic Chinese. Fortunately, there is one way on learning easy Piano, and that is by paying real money to Professionals or learn at your own pace by enrolling yourself in an online course like FlowKey.

MIDI Files?

If you want a simpler way on learning how, it is still flowkey or even Synthesia, but your Piano must be a MIDI compatible, or has a USB output from your Piano to your Smart devices like smartphone or PC. I find myself comfortable using MIDI files from the app callede Synthesia, far more the best MIDI game app on your PC.


Well, it really depends on your taste of your preferences, but in my own humble opinion, its better to learn the basic, fundamentals and principles of reading notes as fast and hard as you can.

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