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Shot for an iPhone 7s Plus

Thanks to my Girlfriend from this Wonderful and Amazing shot. We had so much fun from our getaway last sunday and we also managed to take a few shots using the iPhone 7s Plus. Knowing that I would love photos took from a DSLR. But that day, we realize that we need a camera that is small, portable and easy to use. Though this camera has only 12 megapixels, with smart detection for Portrait mode, I dont know how it works – maybe built in AI for it?

I also edited the photo from the Adobe Lightroom CC in an iPhone 7s Plus, it runs very smoothly. Maybe because iPhone chipset has a better chipset than other ordinary androids smartphones from the year dated 2016. Its fast and also very convenient, Id love to share more photos here in this blog using an ordinary iPhone.

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Camera Settings

CAMERA MODEL iPhone 7s Plus
LENS iPhone 7s Plus

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